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Through the silent gaze of my lens, I seek the unspoken tales of love. In every candid laugh, in every fleeting glance, I find the essence of a journey two souls have embarked upon. Wedding photography is not just about capturing moments; it’s about weaving a tapestry of emotions that tells a story untouched by time.



Since childhood, photography has been my silent language, allowing me to capture the profound in life’s quiet moments. In the soft click of my camera, love stories unfold naturally and authentically, showing that the most deep-seated connections are often found in the gentlest glances and unspoken emotions.

Your Photographers

Every love story is a distinct tapestry of moments, emotions, and memories. Together, Bogdan and Emma blend their attentive gazes and unobtrusive styles to weave this tapestry for you, capturing the genuine essence of your journey.

Whether in Switzerland, France, or Germany, your love story becomes the masterpiece on their shared canvas.


Bronze Package

Candid Moments

CHF 1,700 What covers

For couples who cherish the essence of spontaneity and genuine emotions

  • Up to 6 hours of Bogdan or Emma personal dedication
  • Capture of the day’s raw and genuine emotions, letting the moments dictate the magic
  • Personal online gallery, your private window to those cherished memories
  • Print release, giving you the freedom to treasure your moments the way you want

This package emphasizes the heart of your day without the extras.

Silver Package

Sacred Memories

CHF 2,125 What covers

When your love story deserves a deeper dive and a touch more attention

  • Up to 8 hours immersed in your world, capturing the myriad shades of your love
  • Professionally edited images, each echoing my unique touch of authenticity
  • Private online gallery, always there for those reminiscent moments
  • Complimentary engagement session to document the beautiful prelude to your wedding
  • Personalized USB drive, a capsule holding the essence of your day

The favorite for couples who seek a fuller narrative without the tangible keepsakes of an album.

Gold Package

Intimate Journey

CHF 3,187 What covers

For those who seek an all-encompassing memoir of their love saga

  • A day of unwavering focus from Bogdan or Emma and a skilled assistant
  • 600+ images, a testament to every whispered secret and open laugh
  • Personal online sanctuary, your gallery of memories
  • Engagement session, where the first chapter of our journey together begins
  • Premium USB, a luxurious abode for your captured moments
  • A 30-page deluxe album, not just a keepsake but an heirloom
  • Fine art print box: 20 curated prints to surround you with love

Tailored for couples who believe in an exhaustive, tangible chronicle of their love.

Your Unique Story, Our Unique Package Every heart has its rhythm, every love has its cadence. If you have a unique rhythm in mind, we're all ears. Let's co-create a package just for you.

Captured Moments

Together, Let’s Frame Forever

Curious, or ready to step into this beautiful voyage with us? Let’s connect – in the digital realm or over some warm conversation – and sculpt your timeless moments.

Pricing extends across the tri-border region. Journeys beyond Basel might have their own tales (and costs).

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